Rinli has been the preschool coordinator at Redeemer since 2017. Rinli's connection with Redeemer Preschool started when she was voted on to the Preschool Board. However, her eagerness to work with kids stemmed long before that. She began babysitting in high school and was a nanny throughout her college years. For a few years her career went in a different direction, but her love for teaching, guiding, and caring for kids drew her back. Rinli and her husband started a family and Rinli intended to stay home for a few years. In order to help fill her time, Rinli decided to open a licensed in-home daycare. She had her in home day care for 3 years. Around that time some changes were happening with-in the preschool’s staffing. In an effort to lighten the load of our teachers so that they could focus all their energy towards teaching, the Preschool Board developed the coordinator position. With her experience in opening a daycare, a lot of the job duties of the coordinator were familiar to her. Rinli states "It just felt right for me to move into this position. So here we are!"